To BabaTwino.Com , This Blog Moved.

Hello, there.

This blog, on which I have grown to love keeping your company, sharing with you my thoughts and creations and more, and connecting with you, over the past five years, has recently moved to conflates everything that I have ever written (since I discovered the internet), or have been writing (while offline) and will be writing (in the future), and illustrates them in a more colorful way than we before, and presents them in a better organised, more interactive, and easily navigable way for both desktop and mobile gadgets., also, introduces six major themes on which future works and/or writings will be founded, and concentrated.

Some of my works, especially those never shared before, and those that I have been writing lately appears for other mediums, like The Deuteronomy and Writer’s Block Uganda, which are both wonderful East African digital online magazines¬†and websites that I recommend you visit, subscribe to, and keep reading from.

It is my fervent hope that we will keep churning out more, and better work by way of

It would be nice of you to visit, share, and, importantly, follow the site by way of email subscription while on there.

Here’s to many more.


Twino, Alexander Twinokwesiga.